Friday, December 28, 2007


News! The oldest Bansko ski runs, Chalin Valog 1 and Chalin Valog 2 situated just above the town, are re-opened connected the with the middle Gondola station. To reach them you have to take off at the middle Gondola station. A newly built 4 chair lift by Dopelmeyr runs there independant from the Gondola station.

Ski run
Difficulty Length [m] Inclination [m]
9. Tomba
difficult ski run 2567 925
4. Shiligarnika
Beginners 2047 487
10. Shilingarnika 2
Beginners 2047 487
6. Todorka
medium 1690 470
17. Chalin Valog-west
medium 1429 310
3. Plato-south
Beginners 1148 320
11. Plato-north
Beginners 1015 300
7. Old piste
medium 970 205
16. Chalin Valog-east
medium 775 75
4. Balkaniada
medium 0 0
2. Bunderitsa
light piste 0 0
Bunderitsa 2

0 0
1. Bansko
light piste 0 0
Ski way Band. polyana-Bansko

0 0
Ski way Shilingarnika-Band Polyana

0 0
Ski way Shilingarnika-Chalin Valog

0 0
8. Ulen
medium 0 0
12. Strajite
medium 0 0
Pirin Mountain and the town of Bansko provide fascinating conditions for all kinds of winter sports such as alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country along with extreme sports such as high mountain climbing, ice climbing and hiking. The northern mountain slopes of alpine character, looming over the town, offer a 5 month long winter season. The 15 pists with a total length of 70 km comply with the standards of FIS and are maintained in excellent conditions. They provide the best opportunities for ski enthusiasts of all levels, from the absolute beginner to the extreme high performer. A number of national and international skiing events, including the Extreme Races have been held there.

A pleasent ski run suitable for first week skiers takes you from the upper Gondola station to the first Gondola station.

The average temperature in January, the coldest month, is -1,9 C. Snow falls are abundant, providing a constant perfect snow cover up to 2 m thick. The ski season on Pirin slopes starts in the middle of December and ends in the end of April.

Bansko is situated at 936 m
  • The altitude of the ski runs is 1100 - 2560 m
  • The highest ski point is 2560 m
  • The marked ski runs are 70 km long
  • The slopes exposure is north
  • There are 7 four chair lifts by Dopelmeyr
  • There are 6 drag lifts
  • The longest ski run is 16 km long and run from the upper Gondola station to the first Gondola station
  • The cross-country skiing course is 9 km
  • The new Gondola lift (launched in the summer of 2003) carries passengers from the outskirts of the town up to the ski runs.

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